Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Baby, it's cold outside!

"Baby, it's cold outside". That is the opening line of a song from a FEW years ago. It's the only line of that song that I can remember now, although I seem to recall that somewhere in the song we're given the added information that it's dreadfully cold out there! I can't even remember who put that song into the "Top Twenty" of it's day - (probably about the time of Noah!). I'm pretty sure that it was before the days of "record players". My old gramaphone played 75s and was a wind up job. Would, probably, be worth a small fortune now but after years of devoted service I dumped it! Oh, those care free days of youth!

It's been cold outside, dreadfully cold outside, here just lately. When the days haven't begun with a hard frost - "white all over" - there's been, what my mother used to call, "a lazy rain". Are you now wondering what a "lazy rain" is? If you aren't then move on straight to the next paragraph but if you want to add to your knowledge of useless trivia then a lazy rain is a rain too lazy to go around you so it goes through you.

Yesterday at my Art Group it was cold INSIDE as well as outside. We meet in a church hall on a housing estate on the outskirts of Lincoln, called Birchwood. The hall has suffered so much damage from the escapades of the local intelligentsia that it now looks more like I would imagine Fort Knox to be than a social gathering place. Just to add to the fun, the church building itself is next door to the Hall and, for some reason I've never been able to fathom , every time someone enters the Church the burglar alarm goes off in the hall. (The wonder of our technological society!). I think the local priest and his congregation were dancing the conga for the most of yesterday afternoon. Not only was the hall heating system lacking in its most important ingredient but we were constantly entertained but the dulcet tones of the alarm.

For these reasons I was rather pleased that the painting I was working on is set in ???????????????????????? I could imagine myself back there dressed in t shirt, shorts and sandals (etc) wondering where the nearest airconditioning could be found. Anyway in the warmth and silence of my imagination I made further progress with the painting. I add it to this blog to show you how much more has been achieved since last week. Any idea of the location, yet?

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florcita said...

mmmh Venice... must be quiet cold right now too... but what a wonderful city.
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong played "Baby, It's cold outside" in a great duet which got recorded in Chicago in the 50s... (57?). There are probably other versions, I just reaaaaaaaally like that CD and that particular version because both Louis and Ella are just playing around and it's quiet funny.

Warm water bottle for your next artsy day!!!hahaha