Friday, February 6, 2009

Are those laugh lines? No, they're crows feet!

Whether you say laughter lines (UK) or laugh lines (US), this is by no means a reflection on Karen, our prize winner! Please don't take offense Karen!

But for her prize for guessing the most correct animal tracks in the bracelet, she chose to have a pendant made of crows feet tracks! Now I don't know Karen, but if she didn't have crow feet before, she soon will, if she'll email me her mailing address and I'll get this sent off to her! :-D Here's her crow tracks pendant:

Hope you like it Karen.


Karen said...

::claps:: Oh, they're PERFECT! What beautiful work! I certainly hope that the laugh(ter) lines I will undoubtedly have a few years from now are as lovely and endearing as the "crow's feet" you have made!

I'll send you an Etsy convo with my address.

And thank you again! This has been quite exciting for me!

Ruth said...

You are sooooo welcome. Your address has come through so I'll mail the feet off on Monday. Enjoy!