Monday, February 23, 2009

Background stuff

Well, it seems like I haven't made many new things lately. Just the hands last week.... Nothing to show and tell! :-(

So I thought I better explain that I haven't been sat around doing nothing. I've actually been doing lots of background stuff - such as:
  • some research at the library on a few ideas for bracelets
  • ditto the above but searching online
  • spending lots of time on photopolymer plates and thermal negative films - I'm trying to work up some plates with really fine lines and details but haven't quite got there yet. Keep testing and not finding success.....yet......
  • tried a new bracelet design on photopolymer plates, but it ended up looking too indistinct so scraped it
  • trying copper clay again but not feeling inspired by it
Stuff like that! While I feel like I've achieved nothing, it's interesting to write about it here and recognize how much time is taken up in preparation of designs before I actually touch the clay. Some pieces need no prep time but others need lots. And then when a piece is finally made, there is all that time on photography and computer uploads and putting on different websites etc.........

As I was feeling like I'd done nothing, this afternoon I put all that to one side and just made a couple of things - nothing earth shattering but ........They are drying now and I may finish them hopefully I will be able to show and tell later in the week.

Friday it is time for our merry go round post and we are all writing a little about the process of our art - so I need to take some photos of the different stages involved in making a piece of jewelry so you can see the "transformation" from clay to silver. I guess I'll have to make something new for that tomorrow - and even worse - tidy my studio if I'm taking photos up there!!!

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