Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mum's the word - or Mom's the word!

Yes, I often feel like I have become bilingual - speaking English and American! What with mum and mom, and laugh lines and laughter lines and - way too many examples to mention!!!!

Then last night we were going out and were told there was a "no host bar". What on earth does that mean? Nothing to us!!! Luckily our electrician friend was here working on the kitchen and so we asked for a translation! A bit like when you buy tickets and they say "Will Call". Even though we know what that means now, we still don't get it!!!!

Then when we went for a walk to collect the news paper the headline on the front was "Furlough Friday...." Again - we are stumped!!! No idea what a Furlough is - but now we do!!!!

But all that has nothing to do with my new necklace - just waffling! Sorry.

Anyhow - here is a lariat style necklace I created for all those moms and mums out there. It shows three silver charms of children's toys - a train, a rocking horse and a bunny.

To bring back memories of your kids or possibly dreams during expectancy!

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