Monday, February 9, 2009

Anyone can grow flowers....

Here's my latest "anyone can" necklace - Anyone can grow flowers.

I hate to say it and upset anyone - but it has been so spring like here with warm days and sunshine and all the flowers coming out - so this little piece just popped into my head.

It's created to be like a shadow box so has it's own type of "frame" and inside shows "anyone" tending to his/her pretty flowers.

It has been a few weeks since "anyone" made an appearance and this piece actually took no thinking about it all. I sat down, wasn't even trying to think and the image came to me, I drew a quick sketch and then put it together.

Even if you are still in the cold or even snow - maybe this will make you think of more spring and summer days with the flowers opening up and blooming. Soon it will be green fingers time and you can help create all that colour and scent in your garden.......because "anyone can grow flowers".......

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Easterya said...

This is SO LOVELY!!!!