Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creativity sparks - ideas to inspire : Ask someone else!

So yesterday morning I casually said...."hmmm, what shall I make today?". Instantly my husband turned and said "a frog!"....... I wasn't really asking him for inspiration or ideas, more just muttering -but he came back with "frog" and said that I'd never made a frog before - so there you go - I made a frog!!!!

Now the reason he said "frog" and it got my attention was that the frogs have just started singing here. Oh, I love a frog chorus and we hear plenty from our little pond. 'They' say that the first frog chorus of the year heralds bud break in the vineyard. Now I'm sure the frogs know best - but our vineyard is always late in budding - so maybe the frogs are singing about general bud break - not just here at Birdland! No buds here yet....

Well, I have lots to say about frogs and this piece...but that will wait for another day. Today is meant to be about sources of inspiration. So yes - yesterday my husband's idea worked and it inspired me - but generally I don't find other people's ideas excite me! Not quite sure why - but often they just don't do it...

But the lesson for today is, whilst it may be infrequent, maybe we shouldn't always just dismiss ideas from others. One day, you may find one that works!!

See Friday's post about how I made this frog and Saturday's post for his name and more on the stories of frogs at Birdland.

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