Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Business Matters - Part 4 - Practice the Rule of 5

This week in my reading there was reference to Jack Canfield's motivational book "The Success Principles". In this book, his 23rd principle is "practice the rule of 5". This principle is that you commit to accomplishing five specific things each and every day that move you towards your goal.

So I'm going to give it a go - maybe you'll join me and we can see, in a week, what progress we make.

My specific goal is to establish a couple of wholesale accounts where I sell select piece of my jewelry, namely my songbird pieces.

Today, my list of 5 consisted of:

~ finishing and polishing my bird items for wholesale
~ started working on the rewrite of my artist statement (rewrite is a bit generous as I don't really have one at all!!!)
~ searched for possible "bird" related galleries/stores that I can approach
~ figure my price points
~ work on not being scared to try wholesale - thinking positive thoughts - by rereading a friend's email about her success with her metal clay wholesale business.

So I'll try this for a week and maybe I'll make some progress. It would be lovely to have friend or two who would also commit to their own goal and try the "5 rule" for a week...... Anyone out there game? Your goal can be anything - doesn't have to be art/work related......Do join me and see what we can achieve together ..... It would be much more fun to do it together......


Karen said...

Psst... just letting you know that my crow footprint pendant came in today (so speedy)! It's BEAUTIFUL! Simultaneously whimsical and classy... I LOVE it. Even my husband (who doesn't often notice jewelry) was impressed. Many thanks!

Beaded Zen said...

Hey. great idea, I can use a "reminder" buddy since i'm great at reminding other while not doing what I'm suppose to :) Lemme know if your interested.

Ruth said...

Karen, Thanks for letting me know. So glad you like it! Happy tracking.

Ruth said...

Hi Beaded Zen
Yes, come be my buddy. Sounds great. My friend Fabs is doing it too - so lets see what we can do! Yesterday I did nothing work related I'm afraid - so I need to get on today!