Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Business Matters - Part 3c - No man is an island

Over the last couple of weeks I've written in the "business matters" posts about support from others - either face to face, or through the internet.

I know I feel amazingly supported by so many people and it's that support that keeps me going when I have doubts and difficult times. But today I want to turn that around and remind us that there are plenty of people out there who need our support. So what do we do to give support?

One of the key things I am trying to instigate on Dawanda is to set up a mentoring group of people who have been selling there quite a while, so that they can help people setting up a new shop. We can share our experiences and talk about what we find works and help them if there are problems. Whilst Dawanda hasn't quite got on board with this - they are supportive of it, but just don't quite know how to set it up I think - myself and some others have been offering mentoring to other shop owners.

I know I have spent quite a bit of time working with a several sellers, reviewing their store, their profile, their photography....And whilst I'm no expert - I do know Dawanda and how my sales improve and just lots of little tips and hints. Of course the sellers are free to do as they please with my comments - they are just my suggestions that they can choose to accept or ignore, but I've had some good responses to my reviews. And someone else just contacted me today for it continues...

I also seem to have quite a people approach me about using metal clay and how can they get into it and what kiln do I suggest and...........There are lots of questions when you are looking into starting something new - and I'm more than happy to let people know what I do and what works for me but also what others tend to do if different. It's nice to be able to spread the word about a fun product that I love to use and I'm sure others would enjoy too.

Locally I'm also trying to help a friend set up her first venture into selling on line by setting up an Etsy store. We are looking at what she wants to say and then I'll help her put her banner and avatar and things like that up on her store......

So these are just a couple of ways that I try to give back and support others in their art and craft. What about you? Do share some things you do and it may encourage us try something different.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you also took the time to design my website for our holiday lodge in the Cotswolds, so you have mentored me too!


Chocolate and Steel said...

well, I can say first hand that you are a very helpful person. I appreciate that you got in touch with me way back when on Dawanda. It's nice to see your business growing and growing. You deserve it:)

Ruth said...

Ah! Thanks Mary. But we've also got to enjoy it too. Take a look at (Only available to family and friends I'm afraid......)