Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Gondoliers

By guest blogger Pete.

It's come. It's gone. It's come. It's finished.

At long last the white stuff, which came about 2 weeks ago, has gone. The World War II liberation of Paris could not have attracted greater press and TV coverage than the last two weeks and the glorious "Monday February 16th 2009". The prophets of doom are now saying that this was nothing like the winter of 1963/4, which lasted three months. Pretty useless remark, really, for I thought that all winters lasted three months! A bit like saying, "I love the countryside, it is so rural."! Yesterday we basked in the heat of 10 degrees Celsius - not quite warm enough for shorts and t shirt but still an improvement. I ventured forth to my art group and promptly froze in a church hall where the temperature was 5 degrees Celsius!

Anyway, as I sat 'sweltering' in the Church Hall I managed to finish the Las Vegas version of Venice. To be perfectly honest with you I wasn't sorry to see the back of the quarrelsome gondoliers. The strike still hasn't been settled. The knobbly kneed shorts wearers refuse to give in to the boss's demands that they wear long trousers to hide those unsightly appendages. If you can think of a solution to this strike then, for the sake of restoration of peace in Las Vegas, please let me know. In the meantime, here is the finished finished picture showing the wrangling still in progress. By the way, the water really IS that colour in Las Vegas' canals!

Help! Last spring my wife and I joined up with Ruth and John for a week's touring of Washington and Oregon States. One of the places we visited was Whidby Island. On that island there is an experimental Azalea centre (or center, depending on whether or not you were properly educated!!!)(Editors note : Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens - must see!). With digital camera at the ready I took a few photographs - but I cannot lie; it must have been something in the region of a hundred or so. Despite all the beauty of the massed Azaleas I captured the attached photograph. I eventually got around to "Photoshop"ing it and then the quest began. It doesn't look too rare but what is it called? Cosmos has been suggested but I though cosmos was a member of the daisy family and this chap isn't a daisy. How about "Aquilegia" (Granny Bonnet)? Somehow it doesn't quite look like it. Any help with identification would be appreciated.

Bye for now.


florcita said...

It was Las Vegas in the end!
I could not help you with the flowers... they are lovely though. Will you be using it as a model for a painting?

wow! 10C! that's crazy summer weather! We haven't gone above 7C in The Netherlands... and naturally with the ever present grey sky... I'm dreaming of spring!

Ruth said...

You were correct Florcita! I'm afraid my dad isn't able to add comments to the blog for some reason - which is why he doesn't respond directly here. Anyhow - thanks for guessing!
Hope spring gets there soon. We are finally getting our rain.....

Ruth said...

I think they are a type of Columbine......