Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flowers - in the middle of winter!

We went over to Napa Valley yesterday and it was just a gorgeous drive. We drove past this one house - castle? - that had masses and masses of white narcissi blooming at the front. Just incredible. The perfume was amazing, especially as I bent down to take the photos! It didn't say it was a winery and there was a wall around the property that you can see in the distance so all a little mystery. But how lovely to plant all these flowers for passers by to admire! Here are some piccies.

Then as we drove on we came across lots of vineyards with all the mustard growing in between the vines. The mustard seems to bloom for ages but looked to be in full bloom here. Seems early but then we have had weather in the 70's for most of the past month.

Just these big stretches of yellow surrounding the dormant vines. The contrast with the dark wood of the vines with the bright yellow of the mustard is just gorgeous.

Then we went for lunch as this wonderful place - Auberge du Soleil. The setting was beautiful as we sat outside in the sun. It was warm, the birds were singing, the food was delicious and yes, a little wine too. Here's the view from our table as we ate lunch, overlooking the Napa Valley:

Certainly didn't seem like a winter birthday! We've been in spring since the beginning of January! Thanks for all the birthday greetings.

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