Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Animal tracks competition winner!!

And the winner is ........Karen!! Well done Karen. You got 8 correct out of the nine. You got all the animals I mentioned in the correct order but just missed on identifying the missing animal, which is the second square.

So the correct answers from left to right are:

Badger; Beaver; River Otter; Opossum; Porcupine; Skunk; Fox; Mountain Lion; Raccoon.

The mystery track was the beaver - I thought it was quite distinctive - but maybe not distinctive enough!!! Don't you just love the opossums little hands.....

Anyhow - well done to Karen - and to everyone else who entered. Hope you'll remember these next time you are out - or better yet, buy a bracelet for the perfect reminder! :-D

So Karen, please tell us what footprint you would like on your prize (- and looking at your profile - please don't make it the Loch Ness Monster!!!!) - it needs to be an animal or bird that I can find a representative print from. Then do tell us why you selected that animal. Also let me know if you want a key ring, book mark or pendant.

Then can you email me your mailing address so I can send off your prize!


Karen said...

Ooooo! I'm so excited! This just made my day, so thank you VERY much! It was a tough decision, but what do you think about good ole crow tracks? It was fun... like a scavenger hunt. And thanks again, Ruth... I can't wait to see it!

Karen said...

Oh, I forgot... if it's all the same to you, I'd like a pendant (I just dog-ear pages in my books... a bad habit I picked up in college).

Ruth said...

Oh goodie! I'll get this made for your Karen and I'll post a photo here. Do email me your mailing address sometime to ruthebaillie@mac.com