Saturday, January 31, 2009

January in movies and books

As it's the end of the month, thought I'd share with you the movies I've watched this month and the books I've read this month. A regular post thing each month.... I'll tell you my favorites and maybe you can share your favorites too.....

January in movies:

When did you last see your father
The Reader
Kenny - Portaloo Delivery Man
Enduring love
The curious case of Benjamin Button
La Rondine - Puccini (yes, an opera, but I saw the live HD broadcast of it from the Met at the movie theater!)

My definite favorite was The Reader. Highly Recommend it. Kenny was actually a really different movie - odd subject and just amusing. If you want something different, try Kenny - but don't blame me if you don't like it!!

January in books:

The Creative Entrepreneur - Lisa Sonora Beam
Prisoner of Birth - Jeffrey Archer
The Broker - John Grisham
Bordeaux - Paul Torday

My favorite was Prisoner of Birth. I listened to it as a audio book while I was driving to and from the city and got so excited in parts I had to switch it off and concentrate on driving instead! Jeffrey Archer is just a wonderful story teller. If you haven't read any of his - give them a go. Last month I tried "Not a penny more, not a penny less" which I loved, but this one was even better. And I'll read another one of his next month - just gripping stories. Good easy reads that really engage you.....

So what was the best movie you saw this month and what was the best book you read? Let's share some recommendations......


florcita said...

Lovely! Im always looking for new books and movies. I spent most of january indoors with my kid, myself or my husband sick...yay. So We didn't do much. I did read "Shadow in the Wind", "My name is Red" and "The gathering". I reeeeeally want to get to the movie theatre but I don't know when that will happen... hopefully before all the movies I want to see are gone! hahaha

Ruth said...

Ooh - I haven't heard of any of those books so off to Amazon now to read the reviews. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you get to the movies soon!