Monday, January 5, 2009

And now my cities......

Well, to finish off the cities theme that just seemed to come are a couple of my "city" pieces. Silver cities.

The first piece is a necklace called "Cobblestone Hill". My husband always thought it looked like Edinburgh. I can just imagine people puffing their way up that hill, carrying their groceries home!

The second piece is a pair of earrings called "The street where I live". This, to me, is more of a mystical city. I see it as a fairytale city, with odd little characters living in each house or tower....and each character has their own little story too - all stories with happy ending :-D

So which house do you think you live in and what would your fairytale story be about?

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surfjewels said...

These r cute, how do u make then? Polymer clay?


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