Monday, January 19, 2009

Feminine floral necklaces

As Valentine's day is approaching, I am just listing some flower necklaces I made a while ago, during my "floral" days! They will be available on my Etsy shop soon.

They do always seem to be so feminine and pretty - and just perfect for a gift.

We may have differing feelings about Valentine's day and it does all seem very commercial nowadays - but the basis of it is good ie that it is a day when lovers can express their love for each other and it isn't a modern invention. Yes, maybe we should express our love everyday - but hopefully we can all make even a tiny little bit of effort for Valentine's day.

Valentine's day seems to me to be a bit unfair on the men - who tend to have to buy presents for the women - but in fact, 85% of all Valentine cards bought are bought by women - so maybe we could address that imbalance a touch, guys!!!???

Anyhow - hope you like the flower necklaces and maybe they also offer a hope of spring?


Magriet said...

They are beautiful!

Ruth said...

Thanks Magriet. I used to love making flowers - but haven't done any in a while...maybe when spring comes, I'll do some new ones...