Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Business Matters - Part I - Single Word

I've decided to instigate some weekly posts on my blog. One of these will be "business matters" and I will discuss something relating to selling online, or marketing, or selling jewelry or.......

The topic for today is 'single words'.

For starters, we are going to look at branding. As I've been working on SEO for my website and deciding on goals for this year for my business, I've been going through different thought processes.

One of the first ones I did was to try to describe my product - my jewelry - in one word. This relates to the branding of your product. But branding is not only my perception of what I create - but also the perception that others have of my creations.

So the word I came up with is "whimsy" or "whimsical". Whimsy to me conjures up something that "makes your smile" - ie my tagline and more and more as I was looking at my business in the last couple of weeks, I realized that this is my overriding goal: I want my creations to lift people's spirits - even if just momentarily.

Now it's your turn. What one word would you choose to describe my creations? Please add it in the comments section. No filters necessary - any word you use will be helpful to me. And add a link too to your own website or blog, and we can do the same for your creations.

The second part of the "single word" posting relates to the New Year and an idea I read about from Christine Kane and Tonya Davidson. Instead of having New Year's resolutions that just flitter away, I decided to go with the single word approach again. What word would be a good word to guide me through the year? The word I have chosen is "unique". The word resonates with me - and I can see it as a "direction" through this year, both in my personal life and my business. I'll keep you posting on how it directs me.

So if you chose a word for yourself, what would it be?


HINT Jewelry Design said...

This was a really helpful post. one word for you is "clever"

You always startle me with your cleverness :)

Half an Acre said...

SEO is a tricky old business! I've read and done a lot to do with it for my website and it's all about realising how people search for things on the internet.
I have the trouble too - what am I?an artist? Nah - I don't think so - A Crafter? NOOO - that means scrapbooking and knitting to me - what am I? I paint wooden things to brighten up your walls is as far as I can get!
I have to say that your frequent posting makes me realise how important that is - I always know you will have something every other day or so to read so I look out for your new posts. I need to post more!

Easterya said...

Very interesting post... my words for you are "magic", "touching",
"unexpected", and "special".