Friday, January 23, 2009

Animal tracks

Here's a quick look at a new piece I've just finished which you can wear when you go hiking and use to identify the animal tracks that you see!

It's a bracelet with 9 different mammal tracks shown on the silver squares. I'll write more about it soon and why I created it and then I'm going to run a competition to see if you can identify the 9 animals who made the tracks!

Keep watching!


Half an Acre said...

that piece is awesome!
You just keep coming out with such fabulous ideas - or so it seems to us onlookers! I read about you clearing out the cupboards and how it helped focus - trouble with me is that I have so many ideas all the time that I end up in the middle of them all an not actually producing anything!
I guess I shouldn't complain..... :)

Ruth said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed making this and another is on it's way. And I know the feeling of too many ideas and not enough time!!!!