Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Business Matters - Part 3a - No man is an island

No Man is an Island
John Donne
Creating art can be quite an isolating thing. I know I sit up in my studio on my own and work away, often for hours on end. Yes, I love it - but it's one of the most individual things I've ever done. I don't create with anyone else, I sit alone and happily go about making jewelry....

But no man is an island and while I enjoy creating on my own, I rely heavily on others for feedback, stimulation, support, self-confidence, reactions, encouragement, responses, input, practical help/advice and ideas. To be successful, we need to surround ourselves with others.

For many people, their support system is the face to face interactions with family and friends and maybe also participation in local business or art groups and the local community. Let me tell you a little about my support system:

Face to face, there is my husband John. He is amazing and patiently listens whenever I ask yet another question or bounce another idea off him. He's a real trouper! While I'm not always looking for an answer, he will always listen and support and encourage. (He also knows lots of "old" songs and sayings so helps with the inspiration and naming of my pieces too :-D ).

Face to face I also have some local friends who always ask what I am doing and want to see my latest creations. They always encourage my local shows and want to know when they can come and see my work.

Then I have another group of supporters - my family who live away from me, but who are there for me through phone calls, emails, my blog, and our visits. They are wonderful self-confidence boosters. This even includes my young nephews who help me come up with names for new jewelry and also offer their opinions (- and even model some of my jewelry!)

Next there are my friends who don't live locally. Again their support comes through emails, this blog, phone calls and our occasional get togethers. This includes friends like Marly and Angie whom I met last summer. They both also work in metal clay and have their own business. Their encouragement and feedback is of particular import as they understand the processes and frustrations.

Phew - what a lot of support I get! How lucky I am.

Are you lucky enough to have the support of your family and friends in your endeavors? In what way do they help you? How do you not feel like an island?

I have also found other avenues of support, the intensity of which, and the friendships that have subsequently developed, have surprised me. But enough for this week! I'll tell you all about them next Wednesday when I continue "No man is an island"...........


Hilde C. said...

That's a topic I have been thinking a lot about, and I think your blog post adresses it in a great way. I can relate to what you write here. But another thing that I think has been really positive is the way internet has opened up the possibility to virtually interact with people that really share the same interest and has an understanding of what it is all about (whatever craft one is into). I think that is really great :-)

Ruth said...

Hi Hilde
And that's just what next week's post will cover! Hope you'll come back to read it then!
Thanks for commenting.