Monday, January 12, 2009

Peanut pincher!

OK, so this isn't related to art or anything even close....but I guess it's a story - but not one I will be making into jewelry :-D

Work started today on our kitchen remodel. It was just the demolition work and the workers have just left so I wandered in to see how far they had got.

I looked on the floor and asked John if one of the workers was particularly partial to peanuts - but apparently not!

When they took out our cabinet, underneath one of them was this big pile of peanuts!!! It appears that peanut eater and storer was a mouse! We thought we had a mouse a while ago so we got the pest control people out and they lured him outside and we saw no further sign of him. Looks like he left his little nest and his big stash.

I find it amazing that a little mouse would go to all this trouble to get the nuts. The nuts are from Harold, our parrot. I've haven't told him yet, as he may be upset. Anyhow, we store Harold's peanuts in a closed container in a drawer in the living room - which is adjacent to the kitchen.
This little mouse obviously would climb into the drawer, find his way into the container, take a peanut, climb out again and run all the way back to his under cabinet home!!! It seems alot of work for a tiny mouse! Guess he likes peanuts as much as Harold does!!!


Easterya said...

Hilarious!!! You need to make a little memento of this in silver: Minnie with peanut in mouth, running away from a very miffed Harold in full pursuit :) or Minnie next to a full bag of peanuts, gesturing rudely to Harold... Whimsy with attitude! :D

Ruth said...

Since this post, my husband now believes that the mouse stole the peanuts directly from Harold's cage - either ones he dropped or straight out of his dish!! I didn't like the sound of this. Surely Harold would have screamed!!??

Anonymous said...

What if Harold told the mouse where the stash was. Who knows, especially if the mouse agreed to drop an extra few peanuts in Harold's cage on the way back to the kitchen. There could have been a whole lot of peanut partying going on while you and John were asleep. Those two could have been the Bonnie and Clyde of the peanut world!