Friday, January 16, 2009

And the winning name for the necklace is........

Well......... it ended up with two names getting the same number of votes! Both "follow your heart" and "hold onto love".

So I've made the decision that up until Valentine's day, I'll call the necklace "hold onto love" as it sounds more romantic, and if it's still around after Valentine's day, I'll change it's name to "follow your heart"!

I actually think the name of the piece changes depending on whether the little person faces to the right or to the left. In the photo above, I see it as "follow your heart" whereas in the photo below I see it as "hold onto love"!! So maybe it is both and changes throughout the day as you wear it!

I'll list it on the websites tomorrow and link it here.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Marian said...

you are right! It's the same piece, the same little guy, but depends on how you look at it, it feels like one or the other title!

Claire said...

Nice Necklace!
I like it very much!

surfjewels said...

thats cute.


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Ruth said...

Thanks for voting!