Saturday, January 3, 2009

Colourful Cardboard Cities

A little different from yesterdays "city" post..............I've never visited a city like this!
As we all do a little clearing out, throwing away the boxes from presents and Christmas decorations - maybe we should spend some time with all this cardboard and take a leaf from the art work of Anna Seranno from Cartonlandia. She makes "towns" from cardboard boxes - and paints them all so colorfully. I just love the look of these.

Her towns are up to 5 foot tall! They include people, decks, numbers on each house - great details and just those happy colors! So look kindly on those cardboard boxes - they have real potential!


Magriet said...

That's really clever. All our cardboard gets donated to my son's class for the art table and they do make some amazing things!

Ruth said...

That's good to hear!

Half an Acre said...

gorgeous! my first thought was "i want one!' my second was - oh no, that would really gather the dust! LOL!
i've opened a new shop and blog for my sock bunnies - and all things bunny related - will feature my little silver rabbit somewhere in there soon.
all links on my blog!

Easterya said...

Amazing! What a fantastic idea!!