Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creativity Sparks - Ideas to inspire: Chores

OK - so the title may not be glamorous in terms of chores - but doing something mundane that requires little brain power can really help your creativity if you are feeling stuck.

If no ideas are coming to mind, get on and do the job that you are currently putting off - like the ironing, clearing out shelves in the kitchen, cleaning the inside of the fridge, tidying your studio, or doing your annual sales tax return that is due at the end of the month ( current procrastination!).

That total distraction from creativity, either just letting your mind go where it goes or focusing on something like the sales tax return can spark of lots of ideas.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hoping to spend just 2 hours or so in my studio but when the time came to it, I just didn't know what to make. So instead, I started clearing some of the food cupboards in my kitchen, in preparation for our kitchen remodelling project that was due to start the following week. Not only did I quite enjoy the rummaging around and throwing things away that were past their sell by date and also seeing all the baking items I had forgotten about - it just cleared my mind completely. Clear mind AND clear cupboards! And the next day, I was full of new ideas.

Of course, the added bonus is that when you next sit down to create something, you not only have some good inspiration but also a clear conscience that a chore you've been putting off is finally done!

So get those chores done! (And yes, maybe I'll get my sales taxes done this week........)

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Ruth said...

My husband had a little comment about this one and my "chores". My defense was that I always have so much inspiration that I don't need to do chores! Whereas he doesn't do any art-y things so obviously needs inspiration so needs to do chores! So remember this one as a good excuse too for when you have too much inspiration!!! (Sorry John!)