Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 2 Caption Competition Winner

And the winner this week is...................Deb Gassman

Her caption was: Simon says "Play dead".
She will get her very own little Quentin Quail. Congratulations Deb!

Here are all the entries so you can see what a wonderful collection there were! I love them all! Thanks so much for entering. Every one brightened my day :=D

1. Nighty nite, sleep tight, don't let the nest mites bite.
2. Atten - TION!
3. I'm AFRAID to jump in the water
4. Did I set my alarm clock too early ????
5. The designated driver gazes on the ones who partied too hard.
6. This'll Clog the Vacuum
7. They'd Better Be Gone Before Mom and Dad Get Home
8. Oh my! I think I am missing a good bargain!
9. Quentin surveyed the carnage, feeling just a little guilty for yelling, "Cat!"
10. Cocktail hour at Birdland
11. Quentin wished he had eased off on the garlic last night.
12. Quentin is a stand up kind of guy.
13. Quentin discovered the "Lynx effect" wasn't quite the same for quails.....
14. Ashes! ashes! we all fall down!
15. Simon says "play dead"
16. It only took 1 page of their new bedtime story "Programmer's Reference Guide" to put them all to sleep
17. Quentin's deadly charm strikes again!
18. Last quail standing
19. Everyone is drunk except me.
20. Q says: huh? what happened to my animal magnetism?
21. wasn't me!
22. Ooops!
23. "Am I the only bird-flu survivor??"

Thanks also to Catherine Witherell, last week's winner, for judging this week's competition.

New photo coming up today for Week 3 of the competition. Hope you'll try again...enter as many time as you want - either here on the blog or on facebook (click on the NOTES tab).

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