Monday, August 31, 2009

August in Books and Movies

Time to recap on the month in terms of the movies I've seen and the books I've read.

Movies first:

The Duchess
The Wrestler
The feast of love
Seven Pounds
Intimate Stories
Big Blue
Julie and Julia
Same Time, Next Year
Mr Brooks

Hmm. It's tricky to say which was my favorite. Julie and Julia was better than I imagined...a sweet little tale....the Wrestler had way too much wrestling in it (what a surprise!)....but I think I like Fracture best. Quite a complicated story - you have to pay attention - no half-watching. It was clever. Definitely worth watching - as are most movies with Anthony Hopkins in them...

And books. Yes I read more than usual - and all of them were read, not audio books! You can tell I haven't been driving to the city but instead, a couple of flights!:

Peony in Love
Sunday's at Tiffany's
Wesley the Owl
Death at La Fenice

Death at La Fenice was a good story - read it flying to Boston - perfect for a flight - start and end in one reading. A mystery with a good bit of intrigue, good characters and a taste of Venice. I liked it.
Wesley the owl was sweet all about a woman hand rearing a barn owl - but it got annoying in places too. Sunday's at Tiffany's was another quick read on a plane and Peony in Love should have ended after the first third!

So that was my month. My regular drives to the city start up again this week so I need to download some audiobooks. Any suggestions for me? I have two I'm just starting to read but none to listen to.... And what was your favorite movie of the month too?

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