Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anyone can ride a horse

The other morning, my hubby was about to go off to a meeting and he was telling me what was on the agenda. As he discussed it, he said "I must remember to try not to get on my hobby horse about..."

Not sure if you use the term "hobby horse" here - but basically he was meaning to say he would try not to get carried away and express strong feelings/get in a lather about the issue.

But all I heard was "hobby horse" and thought "anyone can ride a horse" - even if its a hobby horse!

So out comes my latest "anyone can...." piece!

Hope you like it - little anyone having great fun riding his horse - and definitely 'getting carried away' on it.

I've often been asked if I make horses and never felt that inclined to - all that body and getting it the right shape etc - but the hobby horse was perfect! Just a head!

Did you have a hobby horse when you were growing up? Did yours have wheels on it or just a stick? Did it have a name?

Hope you like anyone's latest adventure!


Anonymous said...

We had to borrow a hobby horse recently for a fancy dress party at the boys' school. It looked much more modern, and neighed when you pressed a button. Then it played the theme tune to The Lone Ranger while you ran along. All that and yet it was nowhere near as good as the "proper" wooden ones!

Ruth said...

Now there's an idea....how could I add sound to a necklace??? :-D

At least someone still makes them I guess!

Glassprimitif said...

LOL! Ingenious design, beautiful piece. I enjoy reading your blog.

Ruth said...

Thanks Jo. Nice to see you here.

Easterya said...

Fabulous necklace, I think this is my favourite 'Anyone'!! So SWEET and terribly charming, like a cherished memory, it really is LOVELY!!

Milica said...

Very original idea... for an artist, everything is inspiration :)