Friday, September 18, 2009

Birdies breakfast - silver bird feeder necklace

I made another bird feeder necklace a while ago. I like making them - and this is my third of this design. One of them only had two birds on it - maybe that seed wasn't as tasty! It's a fun challenge making the birds so small and individual and having them all sitting in a slightly different position.

I just sold this one to the lovely Gail.

The original inspiration for the design came from having breakfast at my parents home and watching all the birds have their breakfast too on the feeder. My parents spoil their garden birds! Here at Birdland, we keep ours tough! They have flowers and fruit trees and grapes here but no feeders!

But I rarely make things more than three times so maybe I need to come up with a new birdfeeder's a nice subject matter... I do have my glass one with the seeds in.....but I'll be thinking on this space.......

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