Thursday, September 10, 2009

And the winner is.....

Yes, time to announce the winner of the final week of the caption competition...

Drum roll please..dddddddddddrrrrrrrr - this week's winner is Peter! Congratulations! His caption was:

"This one's merlot. This one's merlot. This one's merlot....!"

Little Quails doing quality control! How perfect!!!

As usual, there were so many wonderful entries this week which you can read below. Thanks so much for entering both this week and previous weeks. The quails loved it and are happy to go to their new homes. Thanks also to the judges.

Here are this week's entries:

1. Did we have fun or what?

2. Everyone say merlot!!

3. Back to quail school!

4. Under the Tuscan Sun

5. Toil in the Soil

6. C'mon! Stomp harder!

7. I heard it through the grapevine

8. This one's merlot. This one's merlot. This one's merlot!

9. Quentin and his mates were drunk with excitement at the new harvest

10. Quentin proves that Birdland grapes are naturally potent by seeing double, triple, quadruple and more...

11. Like Birdland Grapes, Quentin and his pals are true to their roots!

12. Quails are a lot like grapes....Great results take time!

13. Quails confused by giant grapes.

14. Better than a McDonald's playscape.

15. Quentin the quail queries his queer name....

16. Work faster! We have 20 tons of Birdland Merlot to stomp today!!!

17. Stop whining about sour grapes!

18. The special on the menu this evening is California Quail stuffed with merlot grapes!

19. Quentin who???

20. The grape crushing by foot was not going well. Quentin yells "I'm gonna need a bigger bird!"

21. "How long does it take for this stuff to ferment????"

22. Hey, did anyone see where my round lapis bead went?"

23. Quentin tries desperately to convince the chef that despite the catchy rhyme of "Quentin au Vin," the "Coq au Vin" is really a much better meal choice.

24. Do you think if we stomp long enough, we can make wine?!

25. Waiting for "Cheers!"

26. Quentin's Dream: Family Stomped Quail Merlot!


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Ruth said...

I know! I thought it was great that the one you commented on was the winner! This little Quentin will go to England.