Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painting and uncertainty

By guest blogger Pete.

I have finished the painting of Lincoln Cathedral that I used as an illustration two or three blogs ago. I think that I mentioned then that I intended to paint in only the Cathedral and to leave the rest of the painting as an ink outline. This I have managed to do. Comments and/or critiques will be welcome. Please use the "comments" from the blog.

I also spoke about how uncertainty over the outcome governs a painting throughout the stages up to completion. I had prepared an outline for a painting of Lincoln's Castle Square - found in uphill Lincoln between the Cathedral and the Castle. Unfortunately once I had painted in the sky disaster struck. Now I am left with a ugly blotch in the top left hand corner. Drying has lessened the effect but I can't think of a way to repair it. I think I've damaged the surface of the paper whilst attempting to blot in the clouds with a soft tissue. If anyone reading this has ideas on how to repair this then I would be extremely grateful if you would contact me through the "comments".

The Lincoln Cathedral painting is to be my wife's Christmas card so don't tell her about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy whatever-it-is-that-you-enjoy-and-gives-you-pleasure.


Chocolate and Steel said...

The cathedral is gorgeous! Your wife will be so happy.

I wish I had some thoughts on how to repair your other painting but if the surface is damaged then would you consider adding an element to it? Experiment with layering paper there or some sort of collage effect.

Best of luck. Your work is beautiful.

Ruth said...

I love it too! The ink and paint combine well. I'd happily have it as a Xmas card too dad! :=D

meherio68 said...

Totally incompetent on the paper-mending issue but I just had to tell you how I love you painting of Lincoln Market— now, 'that' gives me joy!

PeterB said...

Thanks for the help and advice. I missed the art group this week but when I had another look at the painting after it had dried a little more some of that blotchiness (new word) had diminished quite a lot. I'll try and get another version on the blog when I get back home and have had another go at it during the art group.

Ruth, you may well get it for a Christmas card!