Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Quentin Conclusion

What a great four weeks of caption competitions! The four winners are shown below.

But now I've had to say goodbye to all my little quails :-(

Psst. Help, I've forgotten the steps! by Catherine.

The story behind me making so many is that I am participating in a charm swap with the Etsy Metal Clay Team. We decided to each make a charm for each other, so we get to have a little bit of each others work to wear. There were 26 of us in the charm swap, so we each agreed to make 27 charms. The 27th charm from everyone will be used to make a charm bracelet that we are then donating to the Andruzzi Foundation.

Simon says: Play Dead by Deb

The mission of the Andruzzi Foundation is: The Joe Andruzzi Foundation is leading the fight to tackle cancer by funding cancer research; assisting cancer institutes in achieving the highest level of patient care possible and by providing financial assistance to cancer patients and their caregivers-helping to ease the burden treatment places on their lives.

Quentin eyed the odd egg with deep suspicion by Bob

So lots of little quails will be taking up home in lots of different places. If you adopt a quail, I hope that you'll provide us with occasional updates of his adventures in his new home. It would be lovely to see and hear what they get up to in their pastures new....

This one's merlot. This one's merlot. This one's merlot..... by Peter

Thanks again everyone for joining in with the quails' adventures!


HappyDayArt! said...

What a wonderful contest Ruth! My hat is off to you. I enjoyed the series so much! Thank you!


Dina Alexander said...

Oh my goodness Ruth, that is the cutest. You make it so fun. Quite enjoyable. Cheers, Dina