Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 3 Caption Competition Winner

Last week's winner, Deb Gassman was the judge this week for the caption competition. Thanks so much for being our judge Deb.

Here favorite caption was " Quentin eyed the odd egg with deep suspicion"

So the winner this week is Bob. Congratulations Bob! Glad you won. I'll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone for entering. I loved the entries - so many good ones..... Here they all are:

1. Quentin noted"at least there is one good egg!"

2. Quentin was worried he'd never get to feel "Empty Nesters Syndrome".

3. "Full house"

4. Quentin waited with "egg-citement" for the "eggstra" "eggstraordinary" egg to hatch.

5. Quentin sighs and looks forward to the day when he can truthfully say he's an 'empty nester'.

6. Cuck-oo!

7. After numerous failed attempts, Quentin has finally set aside a goodly nest egg for his retirement.

8. Self control was never Quentin's strong suit.

9. Oh no! She swore she took those damn pills!

10. Hmmm... My kingdon for yet another clever name!

11. Quentin eyed the odd new egg with deep suspicion.

12. Well, this one appears to be 'Sans Quentin'?

13. Twins?

14. Oh, right! Where is she when there's another mouth to feed?

15. Late Bloomer!

16. Quentin fought off the rest of the pack to get his Easter Egg back!

17. Slow and steady wins the race.

18. "Quentin Jr. you'd better get your tail feathers outta that egg and get ready for the first day of school! Don't make me come down there."

19. Quentin says: C'mon, let's learn to fly!

20. It was a good year for Quentin and Queenie!

21. Quentin said "Come on Quyen - try and keep up "with Queenie, Querida, Quintessa, Quinto, Quinn, Quinlan, Quintana, Quilla, Quade, Quiana, Questa, .......

All the Quentins leave home this week - but I have one more caption competition coming up for them. I'll put it up later today. Hope you'll all enter the final week.....

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