Friday, July 31, 2009

July in movies and books

As the last day of the month, it's time to recap on what books and movies I've read/watched this month.

Movies first:

Conspiracy Theory
Cinderella Man
I've loved you so long
Three Blind Mice
7 pounds
Under solen (under the sun)

Well, there were some misses amongst those - for example 3 blind mice. Don't watch it! Waste of time. But my favourite was I've loved you so long. It's in French with subtitles. Kristen Scott Thomas is just beautiful in it. And very slowly, secrets are revealed.... Just a great film.

As for books:

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
Senator's Wife by Sue Miller

I enjoyed both of the books. One part early on in The Shanghai Girls was particularly interesting as after leaving Shanghai, the girls were kept on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. We love hiking the Island and had heard some of the history of the island, but this really put it into perspective. I am now reading Peony in Love by the same author as it is our book club book for August. I liked the first part of it, but the second half just isn't doing it for me...I'm ready to quit - and even more inclined to as I won't be here for the bookclub!

But July's book club was The Senator's Wife and I think it gave us one of our best discussions ever. The book seemed a little slow to start with, but it was interesting in our discussions how different we all felt towards the characters. I enjoyed the book - glad to have read it - and fascinating to see different readers perspectives. Great ending to the book - not as you'd imagine.....

So what have you read or watched this month? Any recommendations or suggestions....?


meherio68 said...

I loved that film. So subtle. Such great acting and writing!

Ruth said...

I know. Just beautiful. All you who haven't seen it - go see it!