Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Business Matters - What's in a name: Primary reason to buy

For today's naming post, I'd like to tell you about one piece that I sold that I think sold mainly due to the name and not necessarily the design.

It is a sweet story. Earlier this year I heard from guy in Australia who wanted to buy the piece "anyone can fall in love". He asked if I had any available and would I be able to express ship them to Oz. I told him I could make one for him and send it over in a couple of days. We actually had quite a few emails back and forth re. the size of the piece, the gender of the piece, the different options for mailing to Australia etc etc. He was very friendly and we chatted easily by one day when I was about to mail it off, I asked:

"So is the recipient already in love with you?"

Yes - a little bold, but I did say he didn't have to answer and I was just curious....

He responded straight away and said I was welcome to ask and he understood my curiosity. He then went on to tell me that he was fairly certain that they had fallen for each other but neither of them had said it yet. He felt they hadn't said "the words" because he was shortly leaving to go traveling for a few years - plans he had made before they met....

He was to leave soon and it was her birthday coming up - so he wanted to give her "a final special something to remember us by" and the necklace would do the speaking for him. It seemed like it didn't feel right to part having verbally expressed what he felt - but the sentiment of "anyone can fall" in love, expressed it instead.

Not sure where the guy is now - but I hope he is enjoying his traveling and not missing his "friend" too much. And I hope my necklace said the unspoken. And yes, I did include the name of the piece in the gift box. Good luck A.

Who said selling online is impersonal! I love these types of connections with my customers. But it all came about through the name.

Do you have any good naming stories to share? Are you having trouble naming a piece. Let's try figuring some out......

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