Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June in books and movies

Time for my end of month summary of what movies I've watched and what books I've read during the month of June.

The movies I watched are:

The Three Kings
Vicki Christina Barcelona
Frozen River
Pale Rider
Taking of Pelham 123 (orginal 1974)
Last Chance Harvey

None of them were ones that make my all time favorite list but last night I did enjoy watching Last Chance Harvey. A sweet movie with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Just a sweet little story - no great surprises but whiles away a couple of hours in the evening when you are tired and don't have the energy to do much else.

This month I haven't read any books! I even failed with my book club this month and didn't finish the selected book - Team of Rivals. I wasn't alone - in fact only three people finished. It's all about Abraham Lincoln and 944 pages! I won't be finishing it either....... other things to do with my time....

I am half way through another book - but won't be finishing it in June so I'll add that to July's list!

You can tell that I've been busy doing other things this month! Maybe July will be different?????

Have you read or seen anything worth recommending this month? Do share with us.....


florcita said...

I haven't been doing much reading or movie watching these past months. Must be the nice weather... which is rather scarce here. We have though been watching lots of documentaries on permaculture and ecologogy which are always interesting but sometimes a bit too...depressive.
But anyway...

Ruth said...

These warmer months are obviously not conducive to movies and reading! Time to play in the warm evenings instead! ... but your documentaries sound interesting.... don't know much about permaculture..

PeterB said...

"Taking of Pelham 123" was one of the best films and book I can remember. I know you've just read the book but there is some rumour around that there is a new film version coming out. Dad

Ruth said...

Yes, the new movie is out - which is why I was interested to see the old one first. I did like it. John Travolta looks scary in the preview I've seen for the new one!