Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lemon treehouse

A Brewers blackbird has built a nest in one of our lemon trees.

It's been interesting to see just how protective the male blackbird is. We've been watching a couple times when a great blue heron has come to the pond (which is quite a long way from the lemon tree), and the male blackbird goes up to the heron and starts pecking at it's legs. Both times, it's managed to make the heron leave quite quickly....

Then a couple of days ago I was walking around the pond and the male blackbird came out and made lots of warning noises to me......I was beginning to feel a little moved away before he went for my legs!

But just a minute ago, daddy was out of the scene and mummy had just left the nest so I got this quick little snap. Not sure how many babes there are in there - but they make lots of lovely little squeaks and these two are obviously hungry!

Excuse the not so brilliant photo - but I wanted to be out of there quickly!

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