Monday, June 22, 2009

In the Etsy Top 10

My Bird Tracks bracelet has been selected for Timothy Adams top 10 on Etsy this week!

Here's a link

If you click on that, you can vote for which item you like the best from the 10 selected - through etsy and his blog comments.

Gosh - just reading the etsy forum on this and the comments on his blog are so heartwarming! People just say the nicest things :=D

Thanks to all who voted and commented. You made my day!


Mari Aparicio said...

Congratulations. You and your design deserved itl!!! And now let's vote.

Chocolate and Steel said...

congrats Ruth! You have some wonderful things going on lately.

Ruth said...

Thanks Both! Yes, June has been a great month for me. Lots of recognition and publicity! Fun times ahead! Always appreciate your support :-D

Ruth said...

Christine - I see you all over the Dawanda "trend" scene in Dawanda. It seems like you are on every page today ! Congrats!

Easterya said...

Well done Ruth!! Nothing more than you deserve!! :)

Ruth said...

Found out I came first! Yippee! Lots of lovely votes. Thanks so much