Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bird perch earrings

Poor Harold. I mentioned him yesterday - my pet parrot - and showed his photo to go with my "birdcage necklace".....well late last night I was on my computer reading other peoples blogs at around 11.30pm when I heard a big crash. I thought it was my husband falling over but then I heard a squalk.

I ran into the kitchen where Harold had been put to bed a couple of hours previously and he was flapping and making lots of noise inside his cage, under his bedtime blanket. I put the light on and tried to talk calmly to him as he was puffing and panting, his little chest heaving! I asked him to tell me what was the matter - but he just clung on to the side of his cage.....

I still not really sure what happened to .... I stayed talking to him for a while and tried to settle him down until eventually he stood back on his perch. I think what had happened was that he fell off his perch while he was asleep and got very upset about it :-( Poor little Harold.

Anyhow - in a way it was timely as I was going to show you my birds on a perch earrings. These birds are firmly attached to their perches so can't fall off when they doze off to sleep.......

Tough life being a parrot! Maybe I should call the earrings "hang on to your perch!"


Sue said...

Poor Harold! Cockatiels have this occur somewhat regularly, they call it night fright. Mine were always out (but would often go into the open cage to sleep) and one would start flying around in the dark, crashing into the wall and causing enough chaos to wake the other birds and get them freaking out too. Then I'd wake up, run in and turn on the light and leave it on so everyone could calm down, after making sure no one was hurt. I've often wondered if it's bad dreams or something. This has never happened with my mom's sun conure, just the cockatiels. I hope it was a one time thing for Harold! The earrings are adorable.

Ruth said...

Ah - poor little cockatiels. Thanks for letting me know. Probably just a bad dream. Poor little birds - I wonder what they dream about - good and bad?