Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling like a show dog!

Woo-hoo! Or maybe it should be Bow-wow!

My winning bracelet from the Bead and Button Bead Dreams competition was just returned to me - and inside was a rosette! It made me feel like I was a winning dog in a dog show. Not sure when rosettes are given in the US - but in England - it's only for dogs or horses or other such animals! So how cute is that, to get one myself!!!! Here it is:

But now I think of it - guess you can get it for birds too!!!

However the best thing of all is that with the rosette and bracelet was a scoring card with feedback and scores on why the judges liked the bracelet and what they thought could be improved. There were great remarks and it offers wonderful feedback for me. So thank you Bead and Button jury people - that is great that you take the time to do that.

PS Latest update! My prize check just arrived! Thanks to Art Clay World USA and Jackie who were the sponsors.


'fancypicnic' said...

congratulations, ruth!!

Sue McNenly said...

hey....That's so funny about the Rosette. Years ago after just moving to Ontario, and at our first 'town fair' my son won a prize in the baby contest...everyone won something....anyway, the prize was a rosette the likes of which I have only seen at a Calgary Stampede like event...lots of cattle and horses. We still laugh about his 'cattle ribbon'.


Ruth said...

I guess feeling like a show dog is better than a show cow! I remember going to an agricultural fair once and sitting on the prize winning bull with his rosette! Wow - what a big creature he was!