Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Business Matters - Stuck for a name?

For this week's "naming" blog post, let's think about what to do if you can't decide on a name. It may be that no name comes to mind, or as is often the case with me, too many names come to mind!

In these situations, one of the easiest things to do is to enlist the help of others. It's good to see what others think when they see your piece, and maybe you won't end up choosing one of their titles, but it might spark off a new idea of your own....Yes, it may seem obvious to ask your family or friends, but why not spread it wider.....and use your blog or forums on marketplaces or social networks or twitter or......?

A couple of times now I've put up pieces here on my blog and asked readers to vote on the poll and choose their favorite name. It's a great way to find out about your piece and what others see in it, and also your audience. If you run a competition for someone to choose a name, it's nice to offer a prize, like I did with "chrome-o-somes" - or else you can put up a poll of your choices and see which is most popular or if another sparks some interest....

Let's try it with a piece I finished off today. While I was making this piece I had a name in my head for it but now that it's finished, I don't think that suits it. So let's take a poll....

So here's my latest piece - an "anyone" figure - so maybe that is in the name?...or maybe not?....and he/she is hanging upside down on a swing:

I won't tell you what I was thinking but I'll put up a poll at the top of the blog in the sidebar and I hope you'll vote on your favorite name or add another of your own choosing in the comments section here.....

Here are some suggestions from me:

Hang in there
Hanging out
Want to hang out?
Swing low
Look at life differently
Anyone can fly
It don't mean a thing (if it aint got that swing!)

Please vote at the top and we'll see what the most popular is.....and what I learn from it! Or else if you come up with something better, then I'll make you something as a prize!!!

Why not try it on your blog this week too - and let us know so we can join in!


Anonymous said...

When we were kids, the rhyme I used to sing on a swing was
Swing low, Swing High,
Swing up to the sky

So I think this piece could be called
Swing up to the sky!


Ruth said...

I like it! You should sing it to me! Or doesn't it have a tune?

Karen said...

Of the options, my vote is for "Hang In There" although that title might fit better if the piece was someone hanging "at the end of their rope".

It looks like an acrobat to me, though, so I think it would be fun to call it "Anyone Can Trapeze" (but I'm not sure if "trapeze" can be used in that way, grammatically speaking).

Very cute, though!

Ruth said...

Hi Karen

Yes, I thought of "anyone can trapeze" but like you, wasn't sure of the grammar!

Like the idea of someone on the end of a rope......

Cherylyn said...

Look at life differently

Anonymous said...

How about "topsy-turvy"?
from Joyce

Ruth said...

Thanks Joyce and Cherylyn. Seems to be quite close on the chosen name so far.....