Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PMC Guild 2009 Annual

June is proving to be a good month for me! I just learnt that one of my photos/pieces (don't know which one) will appear in the PMC Guild 2009 Annual.

This is the 3rd Annual of the Guild and is a juried publication which will come out in the fall. A total of 109 images were selected from artists around the world. I haven't submitted to the annual before so am really pleased to be selected.

A few of my friends from Etsy Metal Clay have also been selected so congrats to them too.


Mari Aparicio said...

Congratulations!!! Muchas bendiciones!!

Easterya said...

Congrats Ruth!!!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

We so rock. But mostly *you* do! So pleased to be sharing the pages with you. ;-)

Ruth said...

Thank you sweeties. What piece of yours is in it Lora?

Chocolate and Steel said...

how very cool! not surprised at all though:)

btw, you've been tagged if you care to join in:)


Ruth said...

Thanks Christine - and also for the tag.