Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Good News continues.....

One of my pieces has been selected to be part of an online exhibit. The exhibit is housed at Crafthaus and is entitled "Birdhaus" and shows avian themed art from artists on Crafthaus.

The piece selected was my jack in the box bird necklace.

It's a great collection of birdie things. Some really unusual.

Just this week I had seen the work of Teresa Faris and it caught my eye. Her latest series is called "collaboration with a bird" and she uses pieces of wood that have been carved by birds. What an interesting idea! Imagine all the acorn woodpecker trees that could be used around here with their thousands of perfectly aligned holes! Here is a photo of a ring of hers:

The other piece in the exhibit that stuck out for me was a toy by Miel-Margarita Paredes entitled Fledgling.

Hope you'll go and take a look at the exhibit. Crafthaus are going to be doing regular exhibits with lots of interesting themes. It's worth a browse....

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