Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday's spotlight -Where in "S.F.I.T?"

By guest blogger Pete

Where in "S. F. I. T?"

A little conundrum for readers across the pond from the U.K.. The letters should be connected to the photo of the cafeteria below and photos of some birds in a blog of a few weeks ago.

I must confess that it is a bit easier than the "T. W. T. W. T. W." of last week - but a "bit easier" only for those living across that rather large pond. For the U. K. readers - no one guessed the "TWTWTW" so two clues for you to ponder.
CLUE ONE : A well known and very popular Saturday evening BBC TV show of a few decades ago.
CLUE TWO : The first "T. W." stand for "That was".

My son-in-law, Fin, sent me the photos he had taken of my 50th anniversary of ordination celebrations. I am enclosing three of them with this week's Sunday Blog. The "people" one consists of my elder daughter, Mary, plus my two grandsons, Matthew and Peter, with my wife, Pam. They are standing at the entrance to our local church.

The "rogues gallery" are priests with links stretching back, in some cases, over 40 years. The man of the left, dressed differently from the others, is an Orthodox priest, who was one of my ordinands.

The 3rd photo is of the cake that a friend made and my multi-talented wife iced.

Yesterday I paid another visit to the local school to lead an assembly. This is always great fun. St Peter's School is not a large ones so I can easily recognise the pupils from previous visits. Senior years (or OLD AGE) has made me dreadful about remembering names - I can hear my family comment that I've always been dreadful with remembering names! At home we are surrounded with friends and neighbours who boast the names Joan, Jane, Jean. Joyce and probably others beginning with "J", whom I have forgotten. Many years ago in Chesterfield a very shy young girl came to the choir club that my wife and I ran. She was so shy that she wouldn't tell me her name so I christened her "Fred"! She happily answered to "Fred" from them on and soon the nickname stuck. Very few people called her by her real name of "Heather" but to the vast majority, even her elder sister, she remained "Fred". Sorry, Heather. Now I must resist the temptation to call any of the pupils at St Peter's School by the name "Fred". I think I might try "Cedric"! Do you think any of them would object?

If you're in the U. K. then keep on hoping for the sun and if you're in the U. S. then don't give up that desire for rain!

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Ruth said...

I know the TV show! And I also know SFIT but as I'm in the photo, that's not a tricky one. Never saw TWTWTW...and obviously survived without it!!!