Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Quentin Quail is born!

I have a new baby Quentin Quail :-D

I have to let you know that Daddy Quentin put on his running shoes and is running to France right now to his new home - but he left a little one in his place. As with many babes, it looks like he has yet to grow into his top knot of feathers and his legs and feet!

So what about a name? With my blog post series on naming, we need something good for him...... Quentinette? Quentino? Quentessential? what do you call a baby Quentin? All suggestions gratefully received!


Mari Aparicio said...


mari from puerto rico

Ruth said...

Ha! Like it Mari!

Nicola said...

Maybe you should call him Tarantino ;) He could be the young movie producing son of Quentin!

Ruth said...

Tarantino sounds cool! I'll put a little video recorder under his wing!