Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last night's movie - The Cove

The movie the Sonoma Film Festival showed us last night was the soon-to-be released "The Cove". It will be shown around the US opening night on July 31st - and in other parts of the world too, but I'm not sure when. It won the 2009 Sundance film festival audience award.

The movie was excellent...and heart breaking. It's all about the mindless slaughtering of dolphins in Japan. Gosh - talk about eye-opening.....

One of the main people behind the movie was the guy who was involved in the Flipper movie all those years ago. It's touching to hear how his view has changed.

The trailer starts automatically which is annoying with the sound track so rather than embed it here, click here instead www.thecovemovie.com

As someone who has lived on Sanibel island and would often see the dolphins, they do seem to crave or enjoy communicating with people. They are intelligent creatures. We could go out in our kayak and so often be followed by dolphins...or sometimes we'd follow them. It was like they were leading us on a new route, they'd keep looking for us, and lead us on to a new area of mangroves... Or else we'd be paddling in the ocean and they'd come so close to the beach - seemingly wanting to play.

One time we were walking the beach with my parents - we thought we'd only be out for a short walk, but the dolphins were so interactive that we stayed transfixed and in awe for a couple of hours. The next day, my mum's legs were so sunburnt , we thought she looked like an white ibis ( the ones that have bright pink legs!) - but she didn't need that as a reminder of her dolphin interaction.

So it's not an easy film to watch but the people involved did an excellent job. I'm so glad I saw it and if you only see one movie this year (yes Lora - that could be you!!) - go and see this one.

Then go to http://savejapandolphins.org/ and see what we can do.


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Mmm.. I have to take your word for it. I'll cry too much and be bothered for days. I'm waiting for the next Harry for my one movie of the year. Shallow I know. :\

Samba said...

Thank God there is a Sanibel Island where animals are valued and protected.

What a dark mark on the Japanese culture for their inhumane treatment of dolphins and whales, magnificent creatures.

I will not tour Japan until this slaughter ceases and will not buy Japanese products either!

Ruth said...

You're right Lora. You would cry too much. I did - I cried enough for you too!

And Samba - I know what you mean - but I do think a lot of Japanese are totally unaware of what is happening. I think this movie was as much to educate them as it was to educate the rest of the world.