Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - T.W.T.W.T.W

By guest blogger Pete

Well! Last week's busy week is over but what a great week it was. The preparations for the 50th anniversary of my Ordination went off far smoother that either Pam or I anticipated. Fin, my other son-in-law- downloaded the hymns that Ruth and some of the members of San Francisco Grace Cathedral Choir had recorded for my service. The local Church organist took time off work to play them during the service on the internal sound system. Very useful to have relatives who know something about computers! That, plus the vineyard wine from John and Ruth at the meal afterwards , made her presence at the celebration unique and almost real. After the service we all retired to the Church Hall, where we ate too much and chatted continuously. Friday was the actual day of the anniversary and to this event came old collages, ordinands from the past, other clergy, family and close friends from a number of years ago.

The following Sunday was the Parish celebration and the main surprise here for both Pam and me was the unexpected arrival of Pam's sister. For a number of years she has lived in Sidmouth but last year moved up into the Midlands. Neither Pam nor I had seen her for something like 13 years. After a small reception in the hall after the service she and her husband plus three other close friends from 40 years back came back to our home for a picnic lunch. The weather during the whole time was absolutely wonderful.

Little competition for you - just for fun. What does "T. W. T. W. T. W."stand for?

Now for a continuation of the DVD/Video Player/Recorder saga. It's now two weeks since we last saw our machine. The firm I bought it from assured me that the maker's policy was that of replacing a faulty machine with a new one. Now it transpires that the maker has suddenly changed policies and they're to do a repair job (not the future tense!). We're hoping to get it back for Christmas. I hadn't better tell you the name of the maker involved nor the name of the shop I bought it from but I've learnt my lesson and this was the last time I abandoned Sony for a cheaper Japanese job. It would happen when all the cricket is on and I can't record any of it for future enjoyment.

Keep working on the conundrum! It's probably easier for UK readers than others.


Nicola said...

Awww I had to look it up (and I qualify as English, lol).
T.W.T.W.T.W - Another clue for other folks...Frost!

I love all these 'scope pics they're awesome & thank you for the kind comment about the birdhouse necklace I made for my friend. Still not a patch on yours then as "Birdland" I'd expect you to make the best birdhouses EVER!

I'm working on a flower range for summer, than you mother nature for such a lot of inspiration!
Nic xx

Ruth said...

Hmmm. I had thought it was the make of the DVD players.....But that has nothing to do with Frost....