Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commissions - V - Sunday Paddle

A lovely customer of mine saw the "anyone can kayak" listing on etsy that had sold and asked if I would make another for her. Instead of having one person in the kayak however, she wanted to have a boy doing the paddling and behind him, a little girl with no paddle.

When she had seen the original necklace it had made her think of the treasured times when she would look out at the lake and see her son and young daughter paddling around..... So I created "Sunday Paddle".

In the first necklace, the kayak was a big of a squeeze for one person...so fitting two people in, I knew would be a challenge!

Anyhow - one paddle, two children and a kayak! What a sweet scene.

Thanks Merrell. Hope you have lots of happy paddling time with your family.

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