Friday, July 17, 2009

Commissions - III

Someone on Etsy just asked me to make a couple of pieces for them, similar to ones that I have done before.

The first was some birdhouse earrings. I just finished them today. They turned out larger than the last pair I made. Wish I'd made myself a pair at the same time!

Two different styles of birdhouses - one is a rectangular house with sloping roof and the second one is a round house with shingle roof. Wonder which one the birds would prefer? Each has a little perch by the door to ease your way in.... I've often wondered how birds can fly straight into birdhouses and not just hit their head on the back of the house.....No headaches for my birds - they get to land first, and then go inside :=D

As I was making them, I first made them too large - so I'm also doing necklaces with the large version! Show those soon.

Hope you like the earrings...... Which one would you go in first?


meherio68 said...

Whatever the size— they're lovely!

Ruth said...

Gotta do my own pair! I'll show you the necklaces today!