Saturday, July 11, 2009

Collaborations - part 4

Marly and Angie are coming over in about an hour so we can finish off our collaboration pieces.

They are fired but now need polishing and patina and....

So here are the pieces before they went in the kiln.

First in this picture is Marly's collage which I got second and then Angie finished. Marly then add a bail to the top. Second in this picture is Angie's reversible lentil showing the side that Marly finished and then how Angie put the two halves together. (The next photo will show the reverse and what I did to it!). And third piece in this photo is "Anyone" which I started, Angie impailed (!) and Marly made a heart and moon to hang on his wand. They will be assembled after firing.

This picture shows the same pieces again but the other side of Angie's lentil with the little flower that I made.

Hopefully I'll post the final pieces later today.

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Anonymous said...

awesome pieces, i can't wait to see the final step