Monday, July 13, 2009

Birdie's Bathtime at Birdland

When I wrote my post "Bathtime at Birdland" last month, I knew there would be a follow up! Taking those photos of all the birds in our birdbath made me want to create a birdbath piece of my own.

I decided to try another version of a ring with a birdbath on top. Instead of forming a rectangular band like I did on my duck in a box ring, I used thick silver wire for the band and put the bird bath on top.

It was different for me to make a bird with his wings outstretched - but then I love to see them do that in the bath! Get that water under the wings! The water is created using resin which I colored.

What a happy little bird in his bath! What do you think? He's not for sale. He's a tester to see how the ring holds up. Obviously it isn't an every day ring that you would wear when you do the gardening etc - more a "cocktail ring" as they are now called. I do like that phrase! So I will be wearing him for a few cocktail hours and more and see how the band part holds up. It is my plan to try a few different band styles and see which looks good but also functions well. Rings take quite a bit of abuse - even if only during cocktail hour!!! Cheers!


Easterya said...

Absolutely fabulous sweetie darling!!! Looking forward to more cocktail hours with more cocktail rings!!!

Destiny's Creations said...

Ruth, this ring is absolutely darling! I want one for myself! Sooooo cute.

Ruth said...

So glad you like my little birdie.