Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Birthday!

It's my blog's first birthday today! Can't quite believe I've been writing here for a whole year. Seems like just a couple of months!

Anyhow - time to say thanks to all you readers and commenters. If no one read it - it wouldn't have reached the grand old age of 1!. Many thanks.

In a year, I've written 312 posts (actually its a couple more than that as some disappeared in blog-space somewhere at the beginning of May - after being published??), I have over 50 followers and have had over 11,000 hits!

Wonder what this next year will bring! Check back July 1st 2010 and find out!


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats Ruth! Quite the milestone. I know 'cos I also passed my first year recently. I think. Or maybe mine's coming up. who knows. ;-)

Many happy return-ers for another year or 7.

Ruth said...

I've so enjoyed blogging. When I started I had no idea what I'd do - but I miss it now! I also find that I want to create regularly so I can show it on my blog! Happy Blogday to you too - whenever it is :-D

Easterya said...

Such a great blog too!! Congrats Ruth!

Ruth said...

Thanks Fabs. It's been quite life changing :=D