Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collaborations - part 2

Following on from yesterday's "collaboration" post, here are some photos of the stage one of our pieces.

This first piece was started by Marly:

It's a collage piece so she made the base and then added on some different textures and then passed it on to me.

I started a piece making "anyone" so he could be added to:

I then passed him on to Angie for the next stage.

Angie started a lentil bead with leaf texture on it - here it is in two parts that were joined at the end:

She passed it on to Marly.

Tomorrow I'll show the next phase so you can see what the second person in the phase contributed! See you then.


Anonymous said...

very cool, can't wait for the rest

Easterya said...

Really interesting, can't wait to see the rest!!

Ruth said...

Thanks Marbella! It's fun to watch pieces develop slowly and see how they change...

Fabs - maybe we'll still do our collaboration one of these days....just via mail!