Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birdhouse necklaces

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, when I was making the birdhouse earrings, the first pair I made were quite large - too big and heavy for earrings - so I decided to carry on with them and make them into necklaces.

They have the same design as the earrings - one round house with a shingle roof and one square house.

Hmmmm. Guess I need to come up with names for them that aren't just "birdhouse".... Hmmm. How about "home tweet home"? Corny, I know :-D


Lore said...

They are very beautiful!
I love the name ;-}!

Nicola said...

Lol I love "Home Tweet Home" it's what I carved inside that pendant I made for my friend.
Also did "SomeBirdy Loves You" and "SomeBunny Loves You" heart pendants with Bird and Bunnies respectively.

Wordplay always makes for the Tweetest Names :)
Nic xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are adorable! Great work!

CaulieGeek said...

Home Tweet Home ... definitely!

And 'Somebirdy loves you', Nicola, is great too.

What a corny couple of artisans!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Corny artists indeed! So what would you name them instead then CG??? Give us a "geek" perspective! xx